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Tournament Rules & Regulations

Draws will be displayed at “BPS” and on the official website. Participants should be present at least 15 minutes before their match commences. All participants should report in time for their respective matches or the tournament committee has the right to award walk over to the opponent. GSTA reserves the right to reject any entry.



Players, their coaches, and relatives accompanying them on site

  1. Shall not use any audible obscenity within the precinct of the tournament site.

  2. Shall not make obscene gestures of any kind within the precinct of the tournament site.

  3. Shall not at any time directly or indirectly verbally abuse any official, opponent, sponsor, spectator, and/or any other person within the precinct of the tournament site.

  4. Shall not violently, dangerously, and/or with anger, hit, kick, or throw a tennis ball or racquet, within the precinct of the tournament site.

  5. Shall not be involved in coaching during a match. Communication of any kind, audible or visible between a player and a Coach/Parent/Relatives, may be construed as coaching.

Any violation could lead to a suspension of the player from the tournament.

The decision of the tournament director in consultation with the tournament organizing committee and club secretary will be final and binding.

For the rules and regulations that are not covered in the above-stated guidelines, the GSTA rules and regulations will prevail.

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