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  • Help! I have not got an email or SMS
    While I am sure there is a plausible explanation as to why you have not received a confirmation. All you need to do is write into the tech support team on our Contact Page mentioning the issue you are facing, and we will have our team respond to you within 24 hours.
  • I am with a media publication, how I get information on the open?
    You can email us at with your media inquiries and partnership opportunities.
  • Where would the matches be held?
    All matches to be held at BPS Sports Club, Margao and if required at another court at the Director's discretion, in case of any situation that may arise.
  • How do I register for The BPS All-Goa Tennis Tournament 2024?
    Step 1: Click on the Register tab on the website menu Step 2: Fill in the form. Step 3: Click on the Register Button. Step 4: You will see a registration success message. Check your email for details.
  • What to expect once you register?
    Once you or your parent/local guardian registers, you will receive the following: 1) An email of confirmation 2) A SMS/WA message from the tournament director (within 24 hours) 3) Be a part of the participation WA group (within 24 hours)
  • How do I/My brand volunteer or collaborate with BPS All-Goa Tennis Tournament?
    To volunteer or collaborate with BPS All-Goa Tennis Tournament, you can contact the tournament directors via our contact page to express your interest and to explore potential opportunities.
  • How to cancel the participation?
    Step 1: Please check with the tournament director for the last date for cancellation of entries. Step 2: For cancellation of your participation, the participant needs to write into us on our contact page mentioning the reason for cancelling the entry / entries. Step 3: The Tournament Committee will review the cancellation request and take appropriate action. Please note: The Tournament Committee has full rights to deny any refund of entry fees collected, in case the cancellation request is found to be unreasonable.
  • What is the eligible criteria for participation?
    Following are the Qualifying DOB/age eligibility criteria: For U-14: DOB on or after 1-Jan-2010 For U-18: DOB on or after 1-Jan-2006 For 45+: DOB on or before 31-Dec-1979 For 55+: DOB on or before 31-Dec-1969 Only Goa based Residents (who have lived in Goa for atleast 6 months or more) are eligible to play this tournament.
  • What are Categories and Fee structure
    The Entry fee is as follows: Rs 200 for Kids U-14 & U-18 Rs 500 for Singles events Rs 800 (per team) for Doubles events
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