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Points System

Welcome to the Bandodkar PG Tennis Tournament ranking system! Our ranking system is based on the number of points that a player collects throughout the tournament. The more points a player earns, the higher they will rank at the end of the tournament and better their seedings for the next tournament. To earn points, players must advance through the rounds of the tournament. Each round has a corresponding number of points that will be awarded to the player. 

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Image by Jorge Salazar

The ranking system is designed to reward players who not only make it to the later rounds but also those who perform well and ultimately win the tournament. It creates an exciting competition where players have the opportunity to climb the rankings and emerge as champions and improve their seedings for future tournaments.


So, what are you waiting for? Come out and play your best Tennis, collect those points, and rise through the ranks for future All-Goa Tennis Tournaments.


Dear Participants/ Parents/ Coaches,

This message is for all of you with regard to the players entering the Quarter Finals stage.

Since we have formulated a points system starting from winning the Pre-Qtr Finals round, it is the endeavor of each and every participant (parents and coaches for minors) to play encouraged playing a fair game in every respect of the competition.

One basic factor is avoiding “Foot-Faults” as it is termed illegal in the rules of Tennis.  We understand there are young kids playing who must have recently picked up the game and their coaches and parents are responsible for teaching them young. We have instructed our match officials to warn the players before and during the game whenever applicable for foot-faulting.

Having said that, we have also instructed the officials not to penalize the U-14 & U-18 kids for foot-faulting as this would be very discouraging and defocusing for their game.


For all other categories, the defaulting (of foot fault) players will be 

  • Warned at the start of the match.

  • Called ‘Fault’ in the first foot fault.

  • Called Double Fault (if the foot fault occurs on 2nd serve, the defaulting player eventually loses the point.


We would like to take this very seriously since we’re all playing for points, ranking, and better seeding for the future All Goa Tournaments.


Let’s encourage Fair Play and make future Tennis players truly professional.

Thank you,

Deepak Nahak

(Tournament Director)

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